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A group of concerned people from various community organizations and corners of our community are sounding an alarm about the increase in Black youth suicide in our community.


Our project is brand new, kicking off in June! We are currently seeking Black middle and high school youth to serve as Ambassadors to help guide our project.  Ambassadors will participate in monthly meetings to provide input and direction to the project. Interested? Please text (260) 797-5892. We hope to meet in the next few months.


Goal 1:

To engage with youth to better understand why the increase in Black youth suicide is happening

Goal 2:

To design relevant strategies that:

  • Raise awareness about mental health and suicide with an emphasis on normalizing talking openly about them

  • Reduce stigma and shame around mental health and suicide

  • Promote and normalize seeking help during challenging times - we want to empower youth to empower their friends and family to get the help when they need it 

Goal 3:

Make recommendations for improving mental health care for Black youth. We want them to get the care they need and deserve.


Our first step is to write a grant that includes the following strategies to help us understand mental health and suicide among Black youth:

  1. Surveys with groups of youth

  2. Focus groups with youth to do a deeper dive into the issues related to mental health, suicide, and what kind of help would be relevant to them. 

  3. Community Conversation/ Symposium to brainstorm with a wide range of community members what could be done to address mental health and suicide among Black youth.

Our second step will be to develop strategies to address mental health and suicide among Black youth.

People at the table so far...

Jonathon Wattley, Building a Stronger Family

Antoinette Francher-Donald, Children’s Health Collaborative
Donlaray Reese, Fort Wayne Community Schools

Natasha Andrews, Community Chaplain 

Jayme Yates, Bowen Center

Sharon Tubbs, HealthVisions Fort Wayne

Colleen Carpenter & Lily Ganshorn, Stop Suicide Northeast Indiana

Chariee Reason, We Care Counseling

Cameron Shakleford, Safe Place

Prentis Moore, Bridge of Grace

Angelica Ortega, IU Intern

Monique Johnson, Allen County Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Alice Jordan-Miles, Behavioral Health & Family Studies Institute, Purdue Fort Wayne

Babra Chakanyuka, Indiana Division of Mental Health & Addiction

Joshua Rogers, Arizen Apparel

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