If you are thinking about suicide

Thinking about suicide is terrifying, and you may feel overwhelmed. You may feel like things will never get better, but you are not alone. Many people think about suicide. Thinking about suicide does not mean that you will do it. Thinking about suicide is often a warning that you need help right now.

There are ways to feel better and overcome your thoughts about suicide. You can start by talking to someone like a family member or friend you trust. You can also call the suicide hotline (800) 273-TALK (8255). You can call this number whenever you need help. It is a free call and trained people are there to help. If you have a doctor or counsellor, tell them how you feel. If you need immediate help, dial 9-1-1 to contact the police department – they are there to help, too.

How can you protect yourself from suicide?

You can prevent suicide.

The first is to build connections with other people.

The second is to find help for mental health problems.

1. Stay connected with other people.

Feeling connected to others is a big part of protecting yourself from suicide.

Here are ways to build connections:

  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Stay involved in your community.
  • Help others at your church or local charity.

2. Get help early for mental health problems.

Mental health problems are a big part of suicide. You can help protect yourself by finding help for mental health problems early – don’t wait for things to get worse.

Here are common signs of mental health problems:

  • Feeling like nothing makes you happy anymore.
  • Feeling very sad or hopeless for several weeks.
  • Feeling like you cannot cope with things that happen in your life.
  • Sleeping less or more than usual.
  • Feeling very stressed or scared for many weeks.
  • Avoiding family and friends.
  • Feeling “run down” or sick often.
  • Eating less or more than usual.
  • Drinking more alcohol or using more drugs than usual.
  • Taking a lot of time off work or school.
  • Noticing strange thoughts or noticing strange things that do not go away. Some people hear voices that other people do not hear.

Talk to your doctor if you notice these signs. Your doctor can help determine what may be causing the problems.