13 Reasons Why

The new Netflix series called 13 Reasons Why, which depicts a young person’s suicide, is the new ‘hottest’ show for some groups of young people.

There are concerns about the way suicide is portrayed (stigmatized, inevitable, failure of helpers) and also that it could trigger those who are already struggling or have struggled with suicide (via graphic depiction).

Here are a few things to consider (from NASP) as well as some Talking Points for those of us in helping professions, working with youth, and/or are parents.

  • Youth tend to mimic other’s behavior and are easily influenced by the norms of their peer group (including what they see in the media). We want to avoid stating or implying that suicidal behavior (not thoughts) are what most people typically do in a situation or that most people would approve of, value, think is cool, or similar (e.g. most youth who are bullied attempt or die by suicide). It’s true that suicide thoughts are common for youth, but acting on them and dying from them is not.
  • A reminder to all that suicide is not the simple consequence of stressors or coping challenges, but rather, it is most typically a combined result of treatable mental illness and overwhelming/intolerable stressors in combination with not reaching out for/getting help (NASP).
  • Despite of the portrayal of a serious treatment failure in 13RW, there are many treatment options for life challenges, distress and mental illness. Treatment works. Here is a resource list.
  • Please encourage people like school administrators, parents, and teachers to engage in supportive conversations with youth as well as provide resources and offer expertise in preventing harmful behaviors.
  • Please see this 3 1/2 minute video as a reminder for how to recognize and respond to suicide risk among youth (and adults).
  • This Netflix series can be seen as a great opportunity to better understand young people’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings by engaging and educating parents, teachers, and youth about suicide warning signs, and reinforcing the message that suicide is not a solution to problems – there are resources out there – and that we are willing to help!

Colleen Carpenter

Facilitator of STOP Suicide Northeast Indiana

Suicide Prevention Trainer & Consultant


safeTALK Suicide Prevention Training

Most people with thoughts of suicide invite help. Often these opportunities are missed, dismissed, or avoided—leaving people more alone and at greater risk.

safeTALK prepares you to help using TALK (Tell, Ask, Listen & KeepSafe) to identify and engage people considering suicide and to connect them with help and care.

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Toolkits Now Available

STOP Suicide Toolkits Now Available

For the past two years, STOP Suicide Northeast Indiana has been developing two resource guides, or toolkits, intended to help individuals and families who have been affected by suicide. After a suicide attempt or loss, families are often left with little information about resources available to them after such a life-changing experience.

Our hope is that these toolkits will be able to help individuals and families following a suicide attempt or loss. The Finding Hope toolkit provides information on suicide prevention and coping after a suicide attempt. The Help & Hope toolkit provides supportive information to loved ones following a suicide loss. The resource toolkits are being given at no cost, courtesy of our sponsors.

You can access the PDFs below, or visit the Contact page to request hard copies.

Finding Hope: A Toolkit for Suicide Prevention

Help & Hope: For Survivors of Suicide Loss

STOP Suicide Northeast Indiana

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Welcome to Our New Site

STOP Suicide Northeast Indiana is pleased to make available a brand-new website that provides a number of different resources that will aid in our mission to raise awareness and take action to STOP suicide.

Take a look around, and be sure to share with others who might find this site beneficial.