Important Apps for Those at Risk for Suicide and Those who have Attempted Suicide

We live in a world that is becoming more and more attached to technology every day. Just about everyone has some kind of “smart” device, whether it is a phone or tablet, where they store their life. This is also true for people who are at risk for suicide or who have attempted suicide.

Below is a list of apps available through iTunes and Google Play that were created for people at risk for suicide or who are recovering from their attempt.

Safety Plan App

This app can be used to create a digital safety plan. The digital safety plan syncs with the contact information in your phone, so the contact information for friends, family, and professionals in the safety plan will update automatically if the contact information in the phone is changed.

Suicide Crisis Support

This app contains a free electronic booklet called “The Tender Leaves of Hope, Helping Someone Survive a Suicide Crisis.” It is meant to help loved ones and family members better understand the emotions they will feel while dealing with a suicide attempt and understand the person who attempted suicide and their emotions.

Ask & Prevent Suicide App

This app is an educational reference about suicide and suicide prevention. It also contains numbers to suicide prevention hotlines.

My3 App

The MY3 App is similar to the Safety Plan app above. You can add three contacts to the app of people you would want to talk to if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts. The app also contains a safety plan, as well as other resources, such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Virtual Hope Box

A hope box is a container full of what gives an individual hope and helps them feel happier, such as pictures of friends and family, letters or emails that mean a lot to them, evidence of accomplishments, jokes, quotes, and anything else that has meaning. The Virtual Hope Box provides a more portable version of this same idea, allowing users to upload videos, photos, and music that will help keep them calm. Positive activity planning, distraction tools, and interactive relaxation exercises are also included in the app.